Linnovate Partners’ Founder and CEO, Mr. Henry Lin, joined a panel discussion at SVCA’s Masterclass for Fundraising in Venture & Private Capital Funds, held last October 24, 2023 at M Hotel Singapore. The event brought together industry leaders and experts to discuss critical topics related to fundraising strategies and best practices.

The global private equity landscape has witnessed significant growth, with AUM expected to reach US$7.6 trillion by 2027. However, Limited Partners are becoming increasingly selective in allocating their capital, leading to heightened competition for commitments. Against this backdrop, the masterclass provided a timely platform to reevaluate how General Partners can demonstrate alignment of interests and navigate potential areas of conflict of interest in the complex fundraising environment.

Henry was joined by other renowned speakers including representatives from Permira, TNB Aura and Jungle VC. During the panel discussion, Henry Lin delved into various aspects of fundraising in the current market landscape, drawing from his extensive experience in the industry. The session covered a wide range of topics including ESG, structuring fundraising efforts, tips on making the most out of in-person pitches, and incorporating technologies into strategies, providing valuable insights for fund managers seeking to optimize their fundraising efforts.

One of the focal points of the discussion was the state of the market based on recent fundraising experiences. Henry Lin shared his observations and analysis from a service provider perspective, shedding light on the evolving dynamics and trends in the fundraising landscape including the increased demand for online fundraising platforms and digital marketplaces to reach a wider investor base, providing efficient access to potential investors and enabling GPs to showcase their track record, investment strategies, and value proposition.

The masterclass covered a wide range of topics essential to fundraising in venture and private capital funds. Other panel sessions delved into areas such as operational due diligence, compliance, fund set-up, tax incentives, and more. As the masterclass drew to a close, all attendees had the opportunity to network and engage in valuable discussions during the networking drinks session.