Portfolio Monitoring Services

Linnovate Partners is a major disrupter and a leading service provider in the alternative investment scene, providing an integrated suite of technology-enabled solutions and a broad range of services catering to the specific requirements of asset managers.

Our portfolio monitoring service is supported by RAISE, a state-of-the-art proprietary technology that streamlines and automates all portfolio monitoring activities, including everything from data collection and standardization to advanced analysis and investor reporting, leveraging data integration and process automation in the realm of alternative investment technology.

Key Features

Data Exchange Platform
Linnovate Partners’ portfolio monitoring is supported by the state-of-the-art proprietary technology RAISE, which is a data bridging ecosystem that connects GPs and LPs and seamlessly transfers encrypted data through our blockchain technology.
Powerful Analytical Engine
Optimize data transparency and streamline your communication with clients in areas including investor allocations to the dispatching of reports. Effortlessly calculate investment position, portfolio valuation, performance KPIs and provide cap tables.
Dynamic Dashboards
Access real-time investor reporting services through our customized dashboard.
Automated Report Generation Tools
Analytics and reporting including quarterly report packs are provided via an intuitive and user-friendly interface, allowing users to enjoy greater transparency of portfolio data.
Excel Plugin
Easily collect data from your Microsoft Excel and generate analysis.

Rather than having asset managers undertake complex system implementations, Linnovate Partners provides
BPO for both direct investment and fund of funds strategies, presenting to users unrivalled analytics and

For direct investments, Linnovate Partners performs the collection and onboarding of portfolio companies’ financial data, including non-currency KPIs such as ESG metrics.
For fund of funds, Linnovate Partners assists in the collection and processing of submitted reports from investment fund GPs and prepares comprehensive analytics and reports.
Customized portfolio monitoring services for investees with different jurisdictions, industries or investment foci are provided. The flexible digital infrastructure allows Linnovate Partners to help you via a tailored monitoring approach.

Meet Our Team

Our team of high-caliber professionals possesses a diverse range of talents, with solid experience in various areas of alternative asset servicing, including fund administration, financial technology, and corporate services.

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