Linnovate Partners took the company’s annual general meeting in Kota Kinabalu to new heights by incorporating comprehensive communication and leadership training program for its leadership team.

The 3-day event, held from June 20-23 at the Shangri-La’s Rasa Ria Resort, brought together Linnovate Partners’ directors, department heads, and other team leaders across different regions. In addition to the strategic discussions and business planning sessions, the company dedicated a significant portion of the agenda to enhancing communication and leadership skills of its leadership team.

The training, facilitated by renowned communication expert Jasmine Leong, covered a wide range of communication competencies critical for successful leadership, including:

• Developing a commanding stage presence and body language

• Crafting clear, persuasive messaging

• Active listening and empathetic communication

• Handling challenging questions and diffusing conflicts

Linnovate Partners integrates leadership and communication training into its ongoing leadership development programming. The company believes that strengthening its executives’ communication competencies will be a key competitive advantage as it continues to grow and expand its global footprint.