Our friends at Private Equity International have recently published the results of a survey of GPs and LPs conducted at the end of March 2020, on the effect of Covid-19 on fundraising and LP relations. One eye-opening finding was that nearly two-thirds of LPs feel that they do not have good visibility on the effect of Covid-19 on their underlying portfolio companies. We found this somewhat surprising since it has been an area of focus for service providers and software suppliers for many years.

For further details please visit PEI’s survey results page here.

The question we want to raise is, given such a high proportion, how good are current portfolio monitoring processes for LPs in the first place – even in the absence of Covid-19? How many LPs are truly able to gain actionable insight from their current processes? This is where we think Linnovate Partners has an advantage. By combining cutting-edge “connective” technology which both streamlines data aggregation and reduces manual labour, with the knowledge and skill of a team of professional analysts, we can help LPs to unlock insights which would otherwise be obscured by manual processing. Our “service-plus” model is a unique offering which transforms the discussion on both systems and outsourcing.

For more information on how Linnovate Partners can act as an integral part of your team’s monitoring processes and take advantage of our ground-breaking connective technology, please contact Redmond Lee at redmond.lee@linnovatepartners.com.