Linnovate Partners sponsored the highly anticipated CVCFO Annual Conference (China Venture Capital Finance Organization) held in Beijing on September 8, 2023. The annual conference brings together finance professionals, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and industry experts to discuss and share insights on various topics related to finance, investment, and innovation in the Chinese market.

Linnovate Partners has been a sponsor of the organization since 2022. CVCFO is an industry association and platform that focuses on the intersection of venture capital and corporate finance in China. The organization aims to foster collaboration, knowledge exchange, and networking opportunities among its members to support the growth and development of the venture capital and finance sectors in China.

The conference kicked off with a welcome dinner on September 7, held at the Conrad Beijing Hotel. The evening provided an opportunity for attendees to connect and network in a relaxed and elegant setting, setting the stage for a productive and engaging conference the following day.

On the day of the conference, CVCFO members engaged in a series of dynamic panel discussions and keynote speeches led by renowned experts in the field. Topics covered a wide range of subjects, including venture capital financing, digital transformation in finance, emerging technologies, regulatory compliance, and risk management strategies. These sessions provided valuable insights into the evolving role of CFOs in the rapidly changing landscape of China and Greater Bay Area.

Linnovate Partners’ sponsorship to the organization underscores its dedication to driving innovation and digital transformation in the private equity and venture capital sector. Linnovate Partners looks forward to continuing its partnership with CVCFO and supporting the growth of the venture capital and finance industry in China.