Linnovate Partners is excited to unveil the rebranding of its technology platform, SMP Net, as RAISE. The name RAISE stands for Robust Alternative Investment System Exchange, symbolizing the platform’s evolution and expansion beyond its original objective of automating fund administration’s manual mid-to-back-office tasks. This rebranding represents Linnovate Partners’ dedication to technological advancement and highlights the platform’s diverse array of systems. Additionally, as part of this rebranding, Linnovate Partners has established a new business entity dedicated to driving technology innovation within the alternative investment industry.

“We are very excited to announce the rebranding of RAISE, this represents the culmination of our efforts to build a unified ecosystem for alternative investments,” said Henry Lin, Founder, and CEO of Linnovate Partners. “RAISE provides fund managers and investors seamless access to technology solutions for fund administration, compliance, investor relations, portfolio monitoring, and more. Our rebranding marks just the beginning of our commitment to transforming investment operations. We continuously integrate new ideas and pioneering technologies to streamline and simplify processes of investment operations”

RAISE by Linnovate Partners powers the leading private equity, venture capital firms, fund of funds, and real estate funds with over US$120bn AUM on the platform globally. The platform offers the fundamentals of asset servicing including fund administration, compliance and risk management, investor portal, virtual data rooms, portfolio monitoring, integrated communication tools, document sharing, and customizable reporting, all under a secured cloud-based infrastructure. With these features, RAISE provides a network for fund managers, investors, advisors and other stakeholders to foster collaboration and enhance investment portfolios.

The rebranding to RAISE is a significant milestone for Linnovate Partners as it continues to grow and evolve its technology solutions with the goal of further transforming the asset servicing industry. The new brand reflects the company’s commitment to providing innovative technology solutions that help fund managers and investors achieve their financial goals