Linnovate Partners hosted its second cocktail reception in Singapore this year during the week of SuperReturn Asia, Asia’s leading private equity and venture conference. The cocktail reception took place on the 20th of September 2022 at Padang Deck, National Gallery Singapore. The by-invitation event was attended by more than 70 guests from the leading players in Southeast Asia’s private equity and venture capital ecosystem including SuperReturn Asia’s delegates. The cocktail reception aims not only to bring together the key people within the private equity and venture capital industry but also to raise awareness of Singapore’s local arts and culture.

Linnovate Partners partnered with National Gallery Singapore to support their Art Adoption and Acquisition (AAA) Program which provides a rare opportunity for art supporters to participate directly in presenting Singapore’s rich art heritage to the world. Through the “adoption” of key artworks of historical and artistic significance from the Gallery’s Singapore and Southeast Asia collections, the Gallery is able to continually enhance its collection by acquiring significant artworks that represent notable highlights from specific periods, movements, and genres.

Linnovate Partners pledged SG$100 for each attendee of the cocktail reception which the guest can match or top up the donation amount. All guest names are listed as an Art Adopter and will be acknowledged alongside the artwork “Picking” by Tay Kok Wee, 1955. Tay Kok Wee was one of the founding members of the Equator Art Society (EAS), which was a leading group of the left-wing art movement in Singapore during the 1950s and 1960s.”Picking” is one of the significant works, representing the local social realist art movement. Ideologically influenced by socialism, the work reflects the hardship suffered by the working class under British colonial power.

Linnovate Partners’ support will allow the National Gallery Singapore to acquire significant artworks which help to define the gallery as well as strengthen the foundation and examine Singapore and Southeast Asian art history.

Check out the event photos below: