Linnovate Partners (“Linnovate”), a leader in asset servicing and fintech for the alternative investment industry, is pleased to announce the successful closure of USD 40 million funding commitment by SeaTown Private Capital Master Fund. SeaTown Private Capital Master Fund is managed by SeaTown Holdings International Pte. Ltd. (“SeaTown”), a leading Asia-focused alternative investments firm that is owned by Seviora, Temasek’s asset management group. This capital infusion marks a pivotal moment in Linnovate’s journey, enabling the firm to scale operations, drive innovation, and further solidify its position as a market leader.

As Linnovate continues to experience rapid growth and increasing demand for its tech-enabled services, the infusion of funds will play a vital role in meeting client requirements and advancing market innovation. The investment will enable Linnovate to allocate additional resources strategically, ensuring the company remains at the forefront of technology advancements and maintains its commitment to delivering exceptional solutions to clients worldwide.

Henry Lin, founder and CEO of Linnovate Partners, expressed enthusiasm about the opportunities this investment opens “We are thrilled to have SeaTown as our strategic partner and investor. This investment will be instrumental in accelerating our growth trajectory, providing us with the necessary resources to enhance our service offering, and continue delivering cutting-edge solutions to our clients and the industry itself.”

Dickson Loo, Managing Director of SeaTown, commented, “Linnovate has established itself to be an industry-leading player with their highly differentiated culture of customer centricity and strong technology focus. We are excited to be part of the next phase of Linnovate’s growth story, as we leverage our network, resources and expertise to help the company scale to greater heights”.

Linnovate has built a strong reputation for its innovative approach to solving manual mid-to-back-office tasks involved in fund administration through tech-enabled services. The company’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of technological advancement has earned it the trust of numerous high-profile private equity and venture capital firm clients and established it as a sought-after partner in the industry.