Linnovate Partners recently hosted the Annual General Meeting at the Shangri-La’s Rasa Ria Resort in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. The 3-day event, which took place from June 20-23, brought together the company’s directors, department heads, and team leaders to discuss Linnovate Partners’ strategic direction and blueprint for future growth.

The meeting was spearheaded by Henry Lin, Linnovate Partners’ founder and CEO, who delivered a comprehensive overview of the company’s remarkable performance and achievements over the past year. Henry shared his vision for the firm’s continued success, emphasizing the importance of aligning the team’s efforts and harnessing synergies across the organization.

“Our annual general meeting is a very important event in our company’s calendar, as it allows us to collectively chart the course for our future,” said Lin. “It was immensely gratifying to see our talented leaders come together in the beautiful setting of Kota Kinabalu to align, strategize, exchange ideas, and solidify our commitment to excellence.”

During the 3-day event, the attendees engaged in in-depth discussions covering a wide range of topics, including the company’s global expansion, diversifying service offerings, internal process alignment, client feedback review, and ongoing service improvement initiatives. The participants also had the opportunity to share best practices, explore new collaborative initiatives, and recognize the outstanding contributions of their colleagues.

“Our annual general meeting is not just about business strategy, but also about celebrating the hard work and dedication of our exceptional team,” said Lin. “I am truly inspired by the passion and commitment that our team has demonstrated, and I am confident that Linnovate Partners will continue to reach new heights of success.”

As Linnovate Partners continues to solidify its position as a leading tech-enabled asset service provider, the annual general meeting serves as a critical platform for the company to align its vision, strengthen its strategic partnerships, and inspire its team to push the boundaries of innovation and excellence.

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