In order to provide a forum for our valued customers to send us their feedback, we recently conducted a customer satisfaction survey. The highlights of the results are as follows:

95% of respondents rate our service quality as excellent/good
95% of respondents rate our turnaround and resolution efficiency as excellent/good
63% of respondents would be extremely likely, and the remaining 37% being likely to recommend us to others
Commenting on the results, CEO Henry Lin said: “Thank you to all our clients who support us and believe in our vision. These results are a tremendous vindication of our people-centric approach to alternative asset servicing, focusing on outstanding and transformational customer service. With the bulk of manual labour automated, our team of skilled analysts can really help clients to identify areas of hidden value in investment management. We can truly say that we are next-generation asset servicers.”

You can download our one page summary here : <<Customer Satisfaction Survey Summary >>

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