As Hong Kong finally relaxed its travel restrictions prior to the end of 2022, Linnovate Partners took the opportunity to host its annual general meeting to kickstart the year and review the business performance, resolutions, and strategies for 2023.

The annual kick-off meeting was held last January 10 and 11, 2023 at Hong Kong Marriott Ocean Park Hotel and was attended by C-Level Executives, Directors, and Senior Managers across all regions and departments. This year’s theme “Success through Synergy” aims to promote a culture of collaboration and team synergy by leveraging each member’s strengths and unique perspectives to produce a more remarkable result than what could be achieved alone.

Henry Lin, Founder and CEO of Linnovate Partners commenced the meeting by sharing the business forecast, market demands, and growth opportunities as well as his vision and goals for the coming year and how these can be achieved together. The meeting was followed by the department head’s presentation that covers operations, finance, sales, marketing, product roadmap, and research and development.

On the second day of the meeting, the company facilitated a leadership and people management training workshop to advance its leaders’ capabilities to lead and inspire people. The program explores essential leadership functions relevant to self, people, and organization, in terms of managing changes in a challenging and rapidly evolving business environment, communicating effectively, and developing talents.